Sister Hazel "Earth" EP Review

Photo by: Tim Wallace

Photo by: Tim Wallace

An invitation to reflect, and interspersed with moments of optimism and anticipation, Sister Hazel's "Earth" EP combines their distinctive sound with warm, poetic imagery.

The collection begins with a moment of simplicity - acoustic guitar sounds collide with echoes of a steel guitar. "Raising A Rookie" is co-written by Darius Rucker and describes the path of a raising a child. Acknowledging the hard scenarios, it's a reminder of the invaluable lessons that children teach you. 

The facade of a solo, no-strings-attached life gives way to misery and regret in "I Don't Do Alone Well." In this uptempo offering, it laments that the disguise isn't all it lives up to be. 

A classic Heartland tale of a spirited and wild love, "Slow Lightning" is a highlight featured on this collection. Wait for that electric guitar solo - it adds the perfect riffs that fit cohesively with the lyrics. The weather elements are used as lyrical comparisons worded in a fresh style and approach. 

photo credit: Dave Schlenker

photo credit: Dave Schlenker

The impending and inevitable goodbye, and just like the rain, love comes down. And “Memphis Rain” makes the unraveling seem so lonesome. With every verse, the dissolving remains of a bond dissipate, and only on that heartbreaking trek is when the narrator realizes what could've been. 

The woeful "Good For You" finds yourself watching from afar as a former love interest moves on without you. It's those fragments of jarring moments - from seeing them out on the town or hearing how happy they appear - that spike one's jealousy. 

Andrew Copeland, guitarist, vocalist, and co-writer talks about “Good For You”

"I wrote this song with a friend of mine, Billy Montana. It has a lot of attitude, and I enjoyed recording it. This is another one of the songs that when it finally got in the studio with the band there were some creative left and rights that were a little difficult as a songwriter, but I think it ultimately made the song a better song and Ken delivered killer vocals. It’s the kind of song you can crank up, roll down your windows, and drive down the beach with.”

"Follow the River" includes an irresistible harmonica opening and provides a lighthearted setting. It's that always-there intuition that ultimately leads you to the destination you're meant to arrive at. 

Each pre-order includes the donation of a tree planted through National Forests Foundation.

The composition of "Elements" is pieced with components from previous EPs in this series. An in-depth exploration, this rock-tinged track provides a fitting finale, bringing all the layers to a cohesive and soundly ending. 

“Earth” is available everywhere on September 6; presave here.

Continuing the Adventure

Sister Hazel’s way-too-cool fan Holiday Hang in Chicago happens December 13-15. Fans will get into the holiday spirit with an exclusive holiday hang party at O'Callaghans on Friday, a full band concert at House of Blues on Saturday, and delicious brunch at House of Blues on Sunday with a special "Holiday & Hazel Favorites" acoustic performance. In addition, Sister Hazel has launched The Great Escape, a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to spend the day on a uniquely designed adventure with the band.

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