Q & A with Mike Rubin of The Inoculated Canaries

Photo by Iris View Photography

Photo by Iris View Photography

Following in the footsteps of their rock icon influences, The Inoculated Canaries have spent 2019 releasing several new excellent singles (listen to them now!) from their EP, “Trying Times.” Mike Rubin of the band chats with Mixtape Escape about their live shows, new music, and what’s ahead for the band.

What was the inspiration for “Who Are You?”

Mike Rubin: I think everyone has experienced the phenomenon of meeting someone and vibing instantly. Likewise, I think everyone has had points in their relationship where they need to reevaluate who they’ve become and make adjustments. This song sort of plays on both of those different emotions.

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Favorite venues that you have played?

MR: Not too long ago we got to play at the Bowery Electric. Great crowd, lovely space. Can’t wait to go back. (They return to the venue this September with a must-see show!)

Any pre-show rituals?

MR: Generally I like to be left alone before a show. Nothing super out of the ordinary, usually it’s just me and the guys talking about some silly nonsense until it’s time to play.

How do you think you’ve grown musically since the band formed?

MR: At first we would sort of write a part and then write another part and then super glue all the parts together into a song. Now I think we focus more on making everything more cohesive.

Last album you listened to?

MR: I’ve listened to all of the songs individually of course, but last week was the first time I listened to Abbey Road from beginning to end in one sitting. What a fantastic album.

Photo by Sarah Rose

Photo by Sarah Rose

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2019?

MR: I’m looking forward to recording another album. I absolutely love working in the studio. Collectively though, I think we just want to book more shows and play as much as we can. Making music is kind of the whole point of this right?

Taking their electrifying sound on the road, the band has tour dates throughout the summer in New York City - you can view a complete list here.